Flodder: A Review of Slots

It’s doubtful that Red Tiger’s Flodder will be instantly recognizable to someone who isn’t familiar with Dutch movies. In the 1986 satirical film Flodder, a family lives in a state-owned home until they discover hazardous waste beneath the foundation. Sjakie, a social worker, decides to relocate the Flodders to the affluent neighborhood of ‘Zonnedael’ in the hopes that the change of scenery will help the troubled family. The ensuing tension between the two groups is comical, but they ultimately come together in an extravagant engagement celebration. Flodder was inducted to the Canon van de Nederlandse Film in 2007 despite receiving mixed reviews upon its initial release. Flodder in Amerika and Flodder 3 followed the first film, and the TV series ran from 1993 until 1998. The online slot machine version is now available.

Flodder the slot is played in front of a wealthy family’s home, complete with a large pink automobile parked in the driveway. Red Tiger has placed a banana peel on the sidewalk, rubbish on the front yard, and a pair of underpants over the mailbox to emphasize the contrast between the suburban beauty and the untamed nature of Flodder. The visual design is also very distinctive, blending cartoon visuals with a more artistic flare to emphasize the point that, despite our diverse social standings, we’re really not that different from one another if we just try to get along.

There are 25 fixed paylines that players may employ to try and win throughout the game’s 5-reel, 3-row grid. Theoretical return of 95.75 percent and maximum win potential of 7,564 times aren’t terrible, but they’re also not particularly impressive. The arithmetic model is quite unpredictable, and though there are several features in play, most of them are activated only during the game’s free spins bonus. While you may play on any device, the maximum bet per spin is £/€10.

Wins in Flodder are triggered by getting at least three identical symbols in consecutive, left-to-right reels. A low hand (tens to aces) pays two to six times the bet for a full house, whereas a high hand (five of a kind) pays tens to aces. Five of the dog, Kees the son or daughter, Johnnie, or Ma Flodder on an active payline pay anything from eight to fifty times the wager. As discussed in the game’s features, three different kinds of wild symbols appear at different times and can replace any non-paying icon.

Slot Flodder Functions

The characteristics of Flodder are derived from both relatives and modifying terms. The Grandpa Flodder feature can appear at any moment, but the free spins bonus round is when the real fun begins.

Old Man Flodder

Wild symbols can appear in any place on the reels during the main or bonus game if Grandpa Flodder happens to wander across the screen waving his stick.

No Risk Turns

Scatters may appear on any reel and when you get three of them, you get 10 free spins and three choices from the free spins picker. If there is more than one scatter symbol in view, you get an additional selection. There is no way to retrigger the bonus round because scatter symbols only occur in the main game.

Selector for Free Spins

Twenty liquor bottles line the screen in two rows before the free spins round begins. The players select them one at a time until they’ve utilized all of their choices. Here, victory is within reach:

Extra Free Spins – 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10!

Increases the win multiplier by a factor of 1 or 2.

Sjakie Wild — makes the middle position on the second and/or fourth reels wild for 1×3.

The Johnnie symbols may be upgraded into Wild Johnnie symbols by using the Wild Johnnie feature.

The Ma Flodder symbols may be upgraded into a Wild Ma Flodder symbol by using the Wild Ma Flodder feature.

All payouts from free spins are multiplied by the win multiplier, if any. The maximum win multiplier is x8. Extra free spins, sticky super wilds, and converting the Johnnie and Ma Flodder symbol into a wild are the other basic types of modifiers, and their effects are rather obvious.

Slot Decision Floater

Like the Kulta Jaska Megaways, which was released only in Finland, there is probably a concentration on a certain location. It’s not the first time Red Tiger has used an offbeat type of visual media for a slot machine’s theme, however. Joe Exotic, another game full of oversized personalities, won the award.

The slot is still entertaining to play even if you haven’t seen the film Flodder, although it may seem out of place. It was easy to cheer for the family and enjoy Flodder more after learning more about the film’s plot and characters. These heartwarming qualities are likely what attracted moviegoers in the first place.

Nothing here is really groundbreaking in terms of video games, but the connections between the various elements and the characters make for a satisfying whole. When the bonus spins feature is activated, the Flodders and their social worker have an opportunity to work together. Of course, it might change based on the bonuses you receive via the Golden Fish Tank-esque choice option. Full-stack wilds with Wild Johnnie or Wild Ma performed well during the review, as did full-stack wilds with multipliers. Nothing spectacular, but when the family really goes for it, Flodder may pay out 7,564 times the wager.

Players who like the film’s comedic tone will feel right at home with Flodder the slot machine. While familiarity with the Flodder family will help players enjoy the game more, even those who have no connection to them may get a kick out of the modifier select free spins bonus round and the comical antics.

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