Gaming on the internet Cryptocurrencies and Crypto-Betting are two types of cryptocurrency.

The usage of cryptocurrencies for online players has been embraced by the gaming industry. Gamblers may make their bets on the internet while using cryptocurrency, which is referred to as crypto betting. This is a relatively new notion that seems to be gaining favor, if slowly, among players, particularly among Africans.

What are the benefits of using cryptocurrency for gaming?

Cryptocurrency provides bettors with the advantages of being anonymous, security, and simplicity of management over their assets. Temtum is a new cryptocurrency that aspires to alter the world by becoming the de facto standard cryptocurrency for all transactions. Bettors in poker rooms, casino players, and sports fans would be able to make wagers without having to worry about payment delays, fees, or legal restrictions. It has an advantage over other cryptocurrencies, like as bitcoin and ether. Gamers have the advantage of paying as they go rather than having to make deposits into their e-wallets in advance. This enables players to send their wagers directly to the bookmaker.

What are the benefits of using Temtum?

Withdrawals are made immediately

Winning bets are credited to your Tem wallet instantly, with no transaction delays involved.

Buybacks that are effective immediately

Players, particularly those involved in poker, are barred from re-entering games because of the lengthy depositing procedures required by existing crypto-currency currencies. This prevents a person from continuing to gamble.

Does away with the need for money deposits.

Gaming sites and casinos have a tendency to keep onto deposited cash and wins in the event that you choose to withdraw them. Promptly. By using the notion of pay as you go gaming, you eliminate the possibility of a casino hanging onto your deposits or returns in their wallet.

It eliminates the need for cryptocurrency deposits to be delayed.

When gamers make deposits, they want to see their funds immediately reflect in their account. With Temtum, there is no need to log out and log back in again to see whether or not one’s money have been reflected.

As an addition to the solutions listed above, Temtum is working on improving payment processing by implementing an on-ramp architecture and developing a comprehensive online gaming application on its network.

On-ramp model: it allows TEM to be considered as a wager in a game, and it may be funded either via a traditional deposit of monies or through a Temtum approach known as pay as you play.

It provides a full audit of the blockchain via the use of an online gaming application. It eliminates any doubt from the minds of bettors, instilling trust in them that games are being performed in a fair way.

The Fiat Onramp to the Gaming Industry

On the Temtum network, there are four gaming incorporations that are now available:

Online application that is a hybrid

It runs in the same way as a typical online game, enabling players to transact and play via TEM (our payment platform) or through any cryptocurrency payment processor currently in use.

Temtum is a payment gateway that accepts payments online.

Its operations are identical to those of a standard online casino, with the exception that it enables you to make deposits using TEM, with the assistance of a payment gateway partner. The virtual casinos convert your Temtum into a regular money such as the dollar, the pound, the euro, and so on, but it is difficult to withdraw Temtum.

The whole Temtum gaming application

This term refers to an online casino that lets you to place bets utilizing the TEM per bet currency. The Temtum network ensures that gamers are treated fairly.

Pay-as-you-go gaming

It enables for rapid payouts per wager and does not need the player making direct deposits into the platform’s bank account. Winnings and bets are transferred from one wallet to another.

If a customer want to include TEM as a transaction method into an existing gaming application, the client must first create a Temtum wallet and then connect our payment Application Programming Interface (API) into their payment platform. API stands for application programming interface, and it is a software mediator that enables two apps to interact with one another. During the user registration process, it generates unique wallet credentials for each player on its own. As a result, the program is able to watch every player’s activity without the need for the user to provide input.

In addition to players and apps, TEM is becoming more popular as a cryptocurrency alternative to existing cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether. Players are having difficulty persuading crypto-friendly websites and blockchain that wagering is conducted honestly.

Improving the overall performance of the online gaming industry

  • Players that use Temtum profit from the fact that they may use TEM as a stake and do not have to pay transaction fees. Users of Temtum have the advantage of having their cash validated in a record-breaking 12 seconds. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin take around 50-60 seconds to complete transactions, resulting in a decrease in player interest.
  • As a result of not having to keep customer deposits, the Pay to Play business has witnessed a decrease in the risk associated with its own asset management. Users of the Temtum platform may also benefit from the platform’s discretion and anonymity.

It is no longer necessary for the house to be concerned about the volatility of the currency market since TEM may be utilized both as a bet and as a reward. Due to the lack of bank and gateway fees, it is more likely to be successful in both the short and long term.

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